Lavender Plant 14" - Artificial

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Experience the beauty of nature indoors with our Artificial Potted Lavender Plant - 14 Inch. This delightful faux lavender plant brings the essence of a blooming garden into your home, office, or event space. Standing at 14 inches tall, its lifelike purple blossoms and vibrant green leaves exude an authentic and enchanting charm. For a truly captivating display, consider arranging multiple potted lavender plants along windowsills, tabletops, or mantelpieces. The realistic design ensures a long-lasting and low-maintenance decoration, infusing any setting with the calming aroma and visual appeal of lavender, without the need for watering or sunlight. Embrace the serenity of a lavender-scented haven, wherever you desire, with our Artificial Potted Lavender Plant.

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