Clay Masks

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mud masks are 100% natural. made in small batches, these masks are best for detoxification, purification + smoothing of the skin. each packet is 3oz + will make 5-10 masks.

Comes in two Kinds...

turmeric + bentonite

this mask, containing bentonite clay, organic turmeric powder + turmeric oil  can help reduce acne as the anti-inflammatory qualities target your pores + calm irritated skin. the ingredients in the mask are also known to reduce scarring, unclog + shrink pores, as well as soften skin. (turmeric may lightly stain fair skin- be mindful when applying + use a cotton ball with coconut oil to remove if necessary)

charcoal + bentonite

this mask, made of bentonite clay + activated charcoal will detoxify, absorb excess oil + unclog pores while removing dirt + acne-causing bacteria.

pour desired amount of powder into a small bowl. mix (with non-metallic utensil) with drops of water until a paste forms. spread an even layer on face + neck if desired, wait 10-15 minutes for the mask to dry + rinse with warm water. 

store in a cool, dry place + use within one year!

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